Ethnic Gem in the Making: Victoria Okuneye

m_2013-01-eg-victoria-okuneyeEthnic Gem in the Making: Victoria Okuneye

School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Major: Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Minor in Chemistry and Applied International Studies
GPA: 4.6/5.0
By: Natascha Saunders, Contributing Writer

Victoria, a resident of Minneapolis, is a candidate for a Bachelor’s Degree in Brain and Cognitive Science at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA. MIT’s department of brain and cognitive sciences stands at the crossroads of neuroscience, biology and psychology, where the purpose is to combine these disciplines to study aspects of the brain and mind including vision, movement and memory.

As an academic scholar at MIT with a 4.6/5.0 GPA, Victoria has immersed herself in her academics by taking a variety of courses, including: Mechanics & Electricity/Magnetism, Differential Equations, Quantitative Methods, Infant and Early Childhood Cognition and Cellular Neurobiology. These courses were taken with the hopes of using her degree to leave an impact on society and the people that need it most.

Along with Victoria’s academic focus, she has held many research roles, work opportunities, leadership positions, and volunteer initiatives. At MIT, Victoria has participated in research with the Center for Neuroeconomics lab, focusing on behavioral and neural mechanisms of health related decisions. Her research with the Sloan School of Management conducted human behavioral research studying embodiment and communicational cooperation. She also interned for the Weill-Cornell-Rockefeller-Sloan-Kettering ‘Gateways to the Laboratory Program’.

Leadership and giving back is very important to Victoria, thus she became a team leader of a project providing computer literacy in coordination with the Jamaican Ministry of Education and the NGO GreatShape!Inc. In this role she led a team of four to design material and teaching instruction for 47 Jamaican school teachers from ten schools throughout Negril. In addition, she activated her abroad interests and initiatives and worked withDiiaki Mexico to facilitate a youth innovation design and social entrepreneurship program.

Victoria’s future is bright and her accolades are many, including the: Truman Fellow, Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar UNCF/Merck Undergraduate Fellow, Phillip L. Clay Community Service Award andLaureates & Leaders Scholars, an MIT mentorship program to pursue advanced degrees in STEM.

Please join us in congratulating Victoria Okuneye as an Ethnic Online Gem!

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